To hear God’s call, sometimes we have to step back and leave room

Since the beginning of my call to ordained ministry in 1989, I have prayed that, in all things and at all times, I would receive God’s word in a way I would recognize.

For those who have prayed the same prayer, you realize, as have I, these words are easier said than done. My experience most often is that I pray for God’s direction, get distracted by the world around me, lose sight of the original reason for asking, and then become frustrated because I feel God has abandoned me. In this scenario, the reality is God didn’t abandon me. I abandoned God.

Faith, persistence, willingness to step aside

Maybe you have experienced this as well and realize what a detrimental cycle it can be, especially when trying to move forward in a healthy way.

“Let’s dream dreams and see visions,” one of my colleagues used to say. I would respond: “Because without vision, the people perish.” It can be frightening to dream beyond our imaginations – to attempt to see what is possible in God’s eyes. It takes faith. It takes persistence. It takes open minds and hearts. It takes the willingness to step aside and to let others step up.

I have often experienced God’s resounding direction in my life after having stepped back to make room for someone else to step forward. In other words, God speaks to me through others. And I believe God speaks to our relative ministries corporately as God’s children come together to pray the prayer: “God, help us to see, be and do what you would have us to.”

What does God want for the Foundation?

In fall 2022, the Foundation board and staff began a strategic visioning process to not only learn about the gifts and graces for ministry we bring to the table, but also to learn how together we can help move the Foundation forward in fulfilling our mission to “…build the Church for generations to come.”

The process has been revealing. At times, God’s word has been very clear. At other times, more questions arose from the questions we had already asked, often leading to frustration. It appeared the process was getting bogged down. Our task has been one of faithfulness — knowing that no matter our frustrations, God is at the center of it all.

Over the next several months, I ask that you join us in prayer as we dream dreams and see visions for the future of the Foundation and how we will relate to the Church. I also invite you to reach out and share with us ways you see us living out our mission. In doing so, may God’s Kingdom be more fully realized!

In Christ,

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