Fund an Endowment

Provide your church or other ministry with a self-sustaining source of annual income that can last forever.

Make a Gift that Keeps Giving

Individuals partner with the Foundation to create endowments that will benefit their church or church-related ministry as a permanent source of income.

As the donor, you set the purpose of the endowment. You name the beneficiary organization who will receive annual distributions from the endowment. You also name the use of those funds, such as missions, capital needs, scholarships, or any other ministry purpose about which you care deeply.

Name the endowment in honor or memory of your family or another loved one to keep their legacy alive for generations to come.

You and others in your family, church, and community can make additional contributions to the endowment at any time. All contributions to the endowment are tax-deductible.

The endowment becomes a lasting source of annual income. As the endowment grows over time, the income available for ministry grows.

  1. Contributions to the endowment represent principal.
  2. This principal is invested to be preserved and grow over time.
  3. A portion of the investment earnings – not all – are distributed* to the beneficiary organization.
  4. Remaining earnings are added back to the fund and re-invested.
  5. The cycle begins again and continues – forever.

*The Foundation’s Grants Team oversees the disbursement of endowment fund earnings based on the criteria set forth by the individual donor. Distributions are made according to the Foundation’s Recommended Spending Policy: currently 4% of the average of the previous three years, year-end, fair market value in order to sustain the long-term growth of the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does it take to create an endowment?

There is no minimum amount required to create an endowment.

You may even create your endowment with zero dollars, and fund the endowment at a later date, perhaps with an estate or other planned gift.

How much income will an endowment produce each year?

Following the Foundation’s Recommended Spending Policy of 4%, every $100,000 in the endowment (3-year, year-end average) will produce $4,000 annually as a distribution.