UMF Development Fund

A low-risk, no-fee place for you to save, have easy access to funds, and provide funds for qualified churches and organizations to receive low-interest loans.

The UMF Development Fund is the Foundation’s only fund open to individual investors.

Consider a UMF Development Fund account as a preferred option for funds you would otherwise place in a personal savings account, certificate of deposit, or money market.

In the UMF Development Fund, your funds provide low-interest loans to qualified United Methodist churches and organizations throughout North and South Carolina. In addition to receiving a good return on your investment, you also embody the spirit of Methodists helping Methodists in which the UMF Development Fund has operated since 2006.

4.5% Current Investor Rate
Compounded Monthly

Open a UMF Development Fund account with as little as $1,000 and enjoy:

  •   Competitive rates of return with minimal risk
  •   Monthly-compounded interest
  •   No administrative fee
  •   No penalty for early withdrawal of funds
  •   Simple application and account creation process

NOTE: A 12-month minimum investment is recommended, but there is no penalty for early withdrawal. The fund does not include a fixed-rate option and there is no minimum interest rate that must be paid by the Foundation.

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