Bluegrass, hot dogs and an extended hand of friendship

TROUTMAN – Over the summer, church members at First UMC Troutman welcomed their neighbors in the best way they know how – with bluegrass, hot dogs and an extended hand of friendship.

Pastor Jeff Hamrick says Inside Out Church gatherings offer a spirit of hospitality to the people of Troutman. The initial results show great promise.

“We’re seeing life coming back to the church,” Rev. Hamrick said.

This is what Reynolds Ministries had in mind when devising a grants offering to help United Methodists embrace the mission of disciple-making while responding to needs in their local communities. Since last year, Reynolds Ministries has awarded more than $360,000 to 25+ ministries.

At a time when many feel disconnected, Inside Out Church can bridge the “we/they” divide and become a model for responding to God’s call to be faithful witnesses to our neighbors.

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