Equipping local church leaders in financial ministry

Local church finance leaders frequently express a desire for more training. In response, the Foundation partnered with the WNCC Office of Treasury Services on a course designed to strengthen management skills.

“There are many people out there who want to do the financial work of the church, but yet don’t feel like they have the tools or knowledge to do that in an effective way,” said Foundation CEO David Snipes.

Now in its third year, the inaugural cohort of the Certificate Program in Church Treasury launched in early 2020 following years of planning. The program is designed to help the volunteer finance officers of our local churches become more informed and trained for their ministry of efficient, effective management of local church finances.

“United Methodism is founded on accountability,” said Conference Treasurer Mark King. “The reason we’re called Methodists is because we’re so methodical in our spiritual disciplines. In today’s world, it is probably more important than ever. People want to know their church is keeping track — and doing the best it can with the gifts they’re giving.”

Over four weeks via Zoom, the group covers topics such as budgeting, investments, stewardship, law, apportionments, taxes and insurance. The current class of 25 individuals — along with the churches they serve — will be stronger and better equipped because of their commitment.

We commend these local church leaders who care enough about their role in fulfilling their church’s ministry that they gave up four Saturdays to complete the course. We would like to extend special thanks to the participants, the presenters and the WNCC Office of Treasury Services for this ministry offering.

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