Gain expertise in church finance. Here’s how.

It didn’t take long for Laura Kendrick to put into practice what she learned in a financial management course offered jointly by the Foundation and WNCC Office of Treasury Services.

One recent morning at First UMC in Gastonia, where she serves as staff accountant, Laura spotted a withdrawal she didn’t recognize on the church’s online bank statement.

Laura’s quick action prevented a scam attempt from being successful.

Not only did First UMC recover the funds, but the church also added a fraud detection tool to ward against future scammers. Laura credits the expertise she gained as a participant in the Certificate Program in Church Treasury.

“I was able to present some best practices to my Finance Committee that will safeguard the church,” Laura said.

Registration now open

As we prepare to begin the next class, the Foundation invites you or the appropriate person in your church to join us by clicking here. The course is designed for lay people who want to do the financial work of the church, but don’t feel like they have the tools or knowledge to do it the right way.

With guidance from Conference Treasurer Mark King, Foundation President David Snipes, and guest speakers, participants gain best practices to become more efficient and effective in managing church finances.

“United Methodism is founded on accountability,” said Conference Treasurer Mark King. “The reason we’re called Methodists is because we’re so methodical in our spiritual disciplines. In today’s world, it is probably more important than ever. People want to know their church is keeping track — and doing the best it can with the gifts they’re giving.”

Participants will learn about:

Past participants say their churches are stronger and better equipped because of their commitment.

“I learned a lot about how to better organize our accounting responsibilities and what needs to be recorded and saved,” said Bridget Smith, Church Treasurer of Elbaville UMC in Advance.

The program is held over four Saturdays in March and April from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Two sessions are virtual and two are in-person. An exam is given at the end of each session. There is a $25 registration fee.

Participants who complete all four sessions and related requirements receive framed certificates to hang in the church office.

For Laura, the takeaways from the program go beyond dollars and cents. She gained a new understanding of how United Methodist churches are uniquely connected to one another. Together, we do more for the Kingdom of God.

“Having worked for 25 years in various denominations, the background provided on Methodism was quite helpful,” Laura said. “Understanding the connectional aspect of the Methodist Church has definitely helped me approach my work differently.”

Schedule for 2023 Certificate Program in Church Treasury

Session One: Stewardship, March 4
Centenary UMC in Greensboro

Session Two: United Methodist Church, March 11
Virtual gathering

Session Three: Tax and Protection, April 22
Virtual gathering

Session Four: Accounting, April 29
Centenary UMC in Greensboro

The Foundation team is excited to welcome the next class of participants. For questions, please contact Annalee Allen, Executive and Program Support Specialist, via email or phone at 888-450-1956, Ext. 1504.

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