Yearning for something new? You’ve come to the right week

The season of Lent, culminating in Holy Week, marks a period of reflection, sacrifice and spiritual renewal for those called followers of Christ. The significance extends beyond religious boundaries.

When journeying introspectively, one experiences the promise of spring—an emblem of rebirth and rejuvenation. Just as the earth awakens from its winter sleep (as demonstrated by the weeds reaching for the sky in my lawn), so, too, can we emerge from spiritual hibernation.

In the corporate world, the concept of Lent is comparable to strategic visioning—a period of deliberate planning and evaluation that reveals possibilities for realignment. Like the disciplines observed during Lent, strategic visioning requires sacrifice, critical reflection and a commitment to improvement.

Individuals often abstain from regular daily pleasures or habits as a means of deepening their connection with God. Corporately, strategic visioning may involve discontinuing outdated practices or embracing new methodologies so that an organization can move forward in a healthy way.

Spring serves as a reminder that change is not only inevitable, but necessary for progress. Just as the blooming flowers (and accompanying pollen and weeds) announce the arrival of a new season, so, too can strategic visioning lead to a brighter future for organizations willing to embrace the unknown.

Moreover, the symbolism of new beginnings inherent in both Lent and spring underscores the importance of hope and optimism. The Foundation’s board of directors and staff are hopeful for the future as we continue to live into our core values of excellence, integrity, innovation and relationships. Despite the challenges we may face, the promise of renewal reminds us that every ending means a new beginning filled with possibilities.

As we move toward the foot of the cross and celebrate the risen Christ, the Foundation is embracing this moment to embark on our own journey of renewal and growth. Through strategic visioning and a steadfast commitment to positive change, we can sow the seeds of success and usher in a season of abundance and fulfillment.

We hope that you will consider journeying with us!

In Christ,

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