Pastor finds Advent wisdom in music of the Beatles

Rev. Morris Brown turned to the Fab Four for a little help in crafting his Advent message to the people of Christ UMC.

Morris figured he was taking a risk in bringing 1960s rock n’ roll into worship, particularly in a season when people tend to expect familiar hymns. But the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our folks in their 80s were in their 20s when the Beatles came out, and they love Beatles music,” Morris said. “And our young folks who have discovered the Beatles in the last few years love Beatles music, too.”

Morris drew inspiration from his experiences with the Reynolds Leadership Academy for Evangelism and Discipleship, which sends clergy around the country to observe innovative and successful church leaders.

A framed picture of John Lennon occupies a prominent spot in the pastor’s office. Morris has watched nearly all eight hours of Get Back, the acclaimed new Beatles documentary. Turns out he isn’t the only Beatles fan in his 2,400-member Greensboro church.

"We thought there might be quite a bit of criticism. Turns out we were absolutely wrong."

- Rev. Morris Brown

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